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News that workers at Birmingham City Council have won a landmark equal pay case won’t necessarily be the end of the claims. “The Spook” explains why.

Well what a reverse! Birmingham dinner ladies and cleaners get an equal pay ruling because they were denied bonuses and now they are set to get the bonuses others won't.

Staff in many of this type of position are grade one or two (from seven grades) on the new pay scales set as part of the City's Single Status agreement which was designed to ensure inequalities never happen again.

Under the new performance management initiative, the PDR or performance development review brought in by Birmingham, each grade of employee above the grade two when they join the Council will receive in the first two years of their employment two time served incremental pay awards, after which progression is on a performance related basis.

This means that employees are set objectives either as part of there job which are "standard" objectives or things which are extra to their job called "challenging" objectives.

Depending on how someone performs against these set goals they will be rated A to E and this rating will determine if they should progress to the next point on the pay scale, or remain on their existing point.

It seems however that anyone on scale one or two will receive the time served two points but to get their third they just have to score an E rating which really means it doesn't matter if you have achieved anything at all!

Employees are expected to achieve "The Birmingham Way" which dictates a number of behaviours such as "I am polite and helpful" etc - but in reality, if someone at these grades turns up to do a job and smiles a little it makes little difference if their individual performance is verging on unacceptable, they will still be awarded a pay rise when other staff at higher grades will not.

So let's wait for the other c30,000 employees who have been denied this advantage to lodge their equal pay claims and see what happens!

One day the powers that be will realise that services should be designed and managed by the undoubted experts that exist within the council and not by cavalier consultants and back room HR boffins who have no conception of delivering a service and are only concerned that "procedures" are followed and "statistics" are recorded irrespective of how impractical and resource wasting this might be.

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