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Andy Munro talks about Blues’ game with Manchester City yesterday and the FA Cup semi-finals.

The weekend started off so promisingly for Bluenoses with Villa being tanked but it all went downhill from there. I suppose we should have seen it coming as our record at Manchester City has always been abysmal even before they spent trillions.

The game didn’t start off too badly with Blues looking fairly comfortable on the ball but looking about as penetrative as the proverbial eunuch in a brothel. It’s also a fact that however decent the Blues defence are, continual pressure will eventually take its toll.

This is not so much a problem caused by the midfield but more because there is no effective outlet up front and the ball therefore keeps coming back cranking up the pressure. Add to that scenario that brilliantly though Stephen Carr and Liam Ridgewell have played this season, they’re not the fastest and being up against Bellamy & co was a nightmare waiting to happen.

Undoubtedly the penalty was harsh and was an example of Premiership refs toadying to the top teams. The second was just poor marking although one wonders if ‘England’s No 1’ would have got it.

Our reply was beautifully worked by a bit of McFaddie magic and clinical finishing(did I really say that?) by Cameron J. Unfortunately it was short lived as Bellamy outpaced Carr and Dann was caught napping. We then had a mountain to climb and part from a ten minute spell never really reached first base.

I’m certainly not panicking but we’ve definitely overachieved this season and summer transfer activity will be important. Obviously it was disappointing not to do Villa a favour in their race for fourth place but now they’ll know how we felt two seasons ago when they failed against West Ham and we got relegated.

On the subject of Villa and their semi-final it was typical of the London TV mafia that they showed a shot of a somewhat exotic Chelsea fan celebrating whilst a shot of the Villa contingent featured a rather tearful pair of spotty adolescent individuals…the typical stereotype of the’glum brums’.

Meanwhile the Pompey triumph had the national media wetting themselves…are Pompey the new West Ham? Crime seems to pay for these ‘heroes’ who for so long have lived in a financial fantasy world. The only consolation is that it definitely wasn’t Harry’s Game and what goes around comes around!


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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