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The “dirty tricks” row between Labour MP Roger Godsiff and Respect’s Salma Yaqoob has intensified – with Godsiff defending a leaflet which incorrectly suggested his rival isn’t standing for Hall Green in the general election. Yaqoob, meanwhile, has upped the ante by releasing a hard hitting statement about the controversy on youtube.

In the brief video she says, “The real purpose of [Godsiff’s] leaflet is to deceive people into thinking I’m not standing for the parliamentary seat…

“This shows how desperate Roger Godsiff is.”

The MP’s parliamentary researcher Ian Hughes sees it differently – claiming that the leaflet accurately points out that Yaqoob is defending her Council seat in Sparkbrook.

He goes on to suggest that she has deceived the Green Party, who are also fielding a candidate, despite having a non-competition pact with Respect.

Hughes said: “Ms. Yaqoob is obviously upset because it is now being pointed out to the people of Sparkbrook that she is standing for Birmingham City Council on the 6th May and for the Parliamentary candidature in Hall Green on the same day.

“Nominations for the Parliamentary seat do not close until next week and, therefore, no confirmation will be given by the Electoral Office as to who is standing until nominations officially close.

“I am sure it was a complete oversight that she ‘forgot’ to tell the people of Sparkbrook that she intended to stand for both positions on the same day and wanted the people there to give her two votes and I am sure she had a similar loss of memory when she forgot to tell the Green Party that she was standing for both positions on the same day which meant that the Green Party candidate for the council in Sparkbrook was going to have to compete with her for votes in the Council elections instead of her allowing the Green Party candidate to contest the Sparkbrook seat with the support of the Respect Party.

“Ms. Yaqoob can, if she thought the Green Party deserved her support in the Sparkbrook Council Election in return for the support which she boasts that the Green Party is giving her in the General Election, withdraw her nomination by 4 p.m. on the 20th April.

“No doubt all of those on your website will wait with baited breath, including no doubt the Green Party candidate in Sparkbrook, to see if she is going to do this.

“On the other hand if Ms.. Yaqoob has convinced herself that she is a far better candidate than the Green Party candidate in Sparkbrook then so be it”.



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