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Godsiff poster

Labour MP Roger Godsiff has been accused of dirty tricks by the Respect candidate Salma Yaqoob as they couple battle it our in Birmingham's Hall Green constituency. One of Godsiff's election leaflets appears to suggest Yaqoob isn't standing in the Westminster election.

The leaflet - bizarrely marked "Top Secret" implies that Yaqoob is a candidate in the local elections only - whereas in fact she's up for both the Council (in Sparkbrook) and the broader parliamentary seat.

Yaqoob said, "Well, I have been waiting for the dirty politics to start and true to form Roger Godsiff has not disappointed.

"He is warming up by giving the impression I am only standing for councillor and not MP! My council term is up in May and I am contesting both council and MP seats.

"His leaflet is a carefully worded deceit. In the Urdu press, his team have not even bothered with the implication but stated blatantly I am not standing for MP!

"Even though most people are cynical about politicians, they still find it hard to accept when the same politicians shamelessly attempt to deceive them.

"They get angry when the discover they are being treated like fools, and already this little ruse is backfiring badly.

"After 18 years as MP is this really the best Roger Godsiff can come up with? I would like to say no, but in all honesty, I fully expect more, and much worse, of the same in the next three weeks."

Roger Godsiff's team could not be contacted last night, but they are offered the right of reply.



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