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It's taken Andy Munro 24 hours longer than usual to write his Blues blog. Wonder why?

It’s a very British thing to be a gallant loser and with nothing really at stake, a performance where Blues had the upper hand would have normally been enough to satisfy most Bluenoses, irrespective of the result.

However there was a real sense of injustice to lose to a penalty that never was.

It’s the usual tale of the more fashionable clubs (if Villa can be called that!) getting the vital decisions something Big Eck also pointed out, amusingly with the aid of a bleeper, on BBC Five Live.

Let’s face it, referees should only give a penalty if they’re absolutely sure and there was no way he could see from his angle..To also claim afterwards that he was right anyway because Johnston caught Agbonlahor’s leg AFTER playing the ball was quite simply ridiculous.

Football will soon be less physical than ‘Come Dancing’ and it’s only a matter of time before the Health and Safety Executive step in to finally kill a once wonderful game.

The other thing that sticks in the throat is the lack of acknowledgement of Blues’ spirited performance by both the MOTD pundits (bring back Adrian Chiles) and the Sky Sports team.

Adding insult to injury was a failure by O’Neill to show any magnaminity – he was the one thing about the Villa that I respected.

As regards the match, Joe Hart was at his agile best, both full backs did well against supposedly pacy wingers…Carr had so much time he was able to help out the Villa groundstaff near the end whilst Gregory Vignal did Blues proud despite not playing since the French Revolution. The Ridge and Roger were predictably magnificent in the centre.

The idea of playing Craig Gardner as part of a middle three worked well with Craig turning in a high energy performance, alongside Cool Hand Barry. Lee Bowyer was back to his waspish best whilst Seb and McFaddie gave us some much needed width.

Up front Cameron ploughed a lone furrow but gave Collins and Dunne plenty to think about without netting.


Andy Munro would like to point out that 'my views are personal and not those of the City Council'


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