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Birmingham’s growing foodie reputation gets a further boost today with the news that the Vegan Society is relocating to the city from Hastings.

There will, of course, be some snobs who reckon that if it ain’t lived it ain’t worth eating, and the challenges of cooking without meat or dairy products shouldn’t be under-estimated.

For all that, veganism is a distinctive and developing culinary tradition, which will add to the culture of the city.

Even more pleasing, the Society says that it “considered six cities for relocation including London and Brighton. Birmingham was chosen because it is a vibrant, multi-cultural, forward thinking city with a large number of vegans and good transport links to other regions”.

Vibrant? Multicultural? Forward thinking? Do they mean us? Indeed they do. It will be good to have them on board when they move to the Jewellery Quarter in May.

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