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Tory leader David Cameron is returning to the West Midlands today as he bids to revive his flagging political fortunes. He's looking for a bad news story - but we've found some good news for him. Whoops!

Cameron is trying to highlights cuts in 29 hospitals around the country - a worthy enough cause for an opposition leader - and our understanding is that his tour will bring him to Sandwell General Hospital.

This is a curious choice to say the least, as Sandwell is actually the beneficiary of a proposed reorganisation which would see City Hospital in Birmingham have it's A&E shifted to West Bromwich.

Even worse for the Tory Toff is the news that a midwife at maternity unit he's visiting helped deliver one of his kids. Cue cuddles and smiles all round.

It all adds up to a nice photo opportunity for sure - but not quite the government bashing headlines Dave will have been hoping for.

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