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If we’ve only got three years to go we may as well make the most of it. Dave Woodhall spends a few of those precious hours watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster, 2012.

Apart from an appalling taste in men, my wife also has a strange attitude to matters apocalyptic. She can’t wait for a natural disaster to hit Birmingham so she can lead the survivors and I suppose she was looking for a few tips from this film.

Anyway, the first half-hour sets the scene. We have a nice-guy scientist and his mate from the third world providing definitive proof of the coming doom. He somehow manages to persuade his boss, who tells the president, who informs the rest of the world’s leaders that Doomsday Scenario is no longer a computer programme.

We also have a friendly writer, whose book on a similar theme sold a handful of copies (guess who bought one?), with an estranged wife and resentful kids who care more about mum’s perfect new boyfriend than forgetful old dad.

Add in a Russian zillionaire (guess who’s his chauffeur?), his spoilt kids, trophy wife and bodyguard, an old hippy radio presenter who somehow got to hear about the upcoming apocalypse (guess who just happens to be in the area where he’s broadcasting?) and a few heartwarming family members just waiting to be reconciled and you’ve got all the ingredients for the disaster move to end all disaster movies. There’s a bit of Towering Inferno – in fact there’s a whole continent full of blazing tower blocks – a dash of Poseidon Adventure, some Day After Tomorrow, Airport, Earthquake, every calamity that befalls mankind in the history of the genre is thrown at us.

Serious film buffs would be able to dissect the plot nuances, characterisation, line delivery and special effects. I’ll say the effects are impressive (Whoops, there goes St Peter’s Basilica. Crash, there’s the Washington Monument in pieces), the acting tolerable enough and the plot....well... if you can believe a man can fly, or at least pilot a plane through a dozen volcanic eruptions after two lessons, you’ll enjoy this film.  158 minutes of sensory overload and at no time do you have to think too hard. Buy the popcorn, switch your brain off and hope the warmth coming up through the floor is the central heating.



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