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Fed up of being ripped-off by the banks every time you go a few quid overdrawn? Let Simon Lowe tell you how to get your money back. He’s just negotiated a refund of £399 from Natwest without having to bother with a lawyer.

Stirring it up at the Birmingham Mail

As Simon tells The Stirrer in this week’s Birmingham Mail column he’d read recent newspaper reports about a test case going through the courts that could determine whether customers are owed billions of pounds in refunds after being forced to pay excessive charges.

Rather than wait for the outcome, he totted up everything he’d paid over the last six or seven years and asked for his money back now. And guess what? They paid him in full, rather than face a lawsuit which might have created a damaging legal precedent. To see the article in full click here.

The Stirrer also wonders if the Immigration Minister Liam Byrne is all mouth and no trousers, and condemns the ludicrous media overkill surrounding Prince Williams split with Kate Middleton.

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