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Residents campaigning to save the historic Red House in Great Barr say they're being “fobbed off” by Sandwell Council following a public meeting last night.

The Grade Two listed building is in Red House Park, but has been leased out to the British Trust For Conservation Volunteers who now want to quit.

Rather than develop the house as a community facility, the Council is planning to sell it off, possibly to a developer who would convert it to flats. Locals fear they would lose their access to a well-loved building, and also see nearby parkland swallowed up by new buildings and access roads.

Campaigner Sarah Carter told us: “We've lost so many places around here over recent years - Perry Barr Hall, Great Barr Hall. All we can say to our kids is there used to be a lovely building there where you can see a
block of flats.

“As a youngster I used to have my birthday parties in the Red House, but Sandwell Council just doesn't seem interested in keeping it for the local community to use. We're just being fobbed off.”

Sandwell regeneration boss Bob Badham was at last night's meeting but gave no sign that the council was reconsidering it's position; there was also a local businessman present who discussed the possibility of turning the house into a corporate HQ.

In any event, it seems that a Black Country borough which is hardly over-blessed with significant buildings is desperate to wash its hands of another one.

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