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The mother of a Birmingham soldier killed in Iraq has called the Ministry of Defence “idiots” for their handling of the Prince Harry fiasco – and says that despite being third in line for the throne, he should be sent to serve his country.

Carol Jones is the mother of John Jones from Castle Bromwich, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Basra 18 months ago.

She told The Stirrer: “Just because he’s a prince it should make no difference. They’ve spent all this money training him up, and I feel very sorry for him now. He must be dejected. He will want to be out there.”

“They didn’t make all this fuss about Andrew in the Falklands. The MOD are idiots for letting the world know that a prince was going out to Iraq. They should have just sent him and let him get on with it.

“Our lads would have looked after him because they are like that.

“I think he should go out because he’ll be frustrated. Why don’t they let him go? If he’s frightened out there, well, I’m sure my son was frightened but that’s part of what it’s about”.

Carol acknowledged that not all military families feel the same. Sue Smith from Tamworth, whose son Philip Hewitt was killed in Iraq feels Harry’s presence would put other troops at risk.

But Reg Keys, whose son Tom also died in the conflict, reckons the decision not to send the prince is an insult to his son’s memory.

More broadly Carol believes that British troops shouldn’t be in Iraq in the first place: “During World War One and World War Two, we knew who we were fighting for. But there are so many tribes out there and you’ve got kids letting off mortars just for fun.

“None of them should be out there. It’s not our war”.

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