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Birmingham’s Liberal Democrats are calling for the creation of a dedicated electoral investigation team to proactively investigate allegations of fraud - yet ironically the party is coming under fire from its own members after some shameless ballot box jiggery pokery.

As we’ve reported previously, concerns have been raised about nominations for BNP candidates in seven inner city wards, with allegations that the far-right party has either been forging signatures on nomination forms or misleading members of the public into signing them.

The BNP has strenuously denied any wrongdoing, but The Stirrer has uncovered evidence suggesting that, in some cases at least, all is not as it should be (see our previous story here).

Now Birmingham’s camcorder councillor Martin Mullaney has made a new video explaining why he and his colleagues believe a special team should be set up to deal promptly with these claims and counter-claims. Watch it here

In the meantime, the LibDems are themselves coming under pressure from their inner city membership after Aston candidate Saeed Ahmed changed his surname by deed poll to Aehmed to get his name at the top of the voting slip.

It’s thought that being the first name on the paper can be worth between 100 and 150 votes, but we’re told that it isn’t going down well on the doorstepamong Muslims who feel that the noble name of Ahmed has been sullied.

One source described a feeling of "subdued anger" among local Lib Dems, butthey can’t kick up too much of a fuss, as this would only inflame a situation which is already causing a backlash in the mosques and among members of the community.

It doesn’t help that Aehmed apparently means donkey!

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