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One of Labour’s candidates for the forthcoming local elections in Birmingham has called the people he wants to represent “mingers” - and has said that where they live is “Minger City”.

Bill Lees, who’s standing in Moseley and Kings Heath, was writing on an internet forum about the possibility of a Sainsbury’s opening in Moseley and the Safeway supermarket in nearby Kings Heath closing down.

He said it might be a good idea - “but not if you don’t want all those legions of plug ugly, baseball-capped and ski-panted mingers from Kings Heath coming from Moseley to shop”. He also described Kings Heath as “Minger City”.

One outraged local resident Ian Galloway told The Stirrer: “No doubt Bill would say that these were flippant remarks, but living in Kings Heath, I know it has serious issues, such as transportation and parking.”

Galloway has complained to Birmingham’s Labour leader Sir Albert Bore, but said: “I don’t know how he can defend comments like that. Is Bill Lees trying to use another word and say that Kings Heath is full of chavs?

“We’ve got some serious social issues here, and we’re fed up of being treated as the poor boys of the ward [compared to Moseley] and being left behind.”

The comments were made 5 years ago, but Galloway said, “he was hardly a kid when he said it, he really should have known better.”

The Stirrer has been unable to contact Bill Lees or Albert Bore but would welcome their response.

In a separate bout of mud-slinging, Labour have complained to the elections office about Aston Lib-Dem candidate Saeed Aehmed, who has added the “e” in his surname by deed poll to ensure that it’s on top of the ballot paper.

Some experts reckon that simply being top of the voting slip can be worth an extra 150 votes.

Is Kings Heath Minger City? And if not, where is the West Midlands chav capital? Leave your snooty comments on our messageboard.

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