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The normally forthright Sutton Coldfield MP Andrew Mitchell is attempting to have his cake and eat it over the prospect of a mayoral election. Pointing both ways at once, he’s become the push-me-pull-you-politician.

Quoted in the Birmingham Mail, Mitchell says “I have always been very much in favour of a referendum s long as it is an issue of genuine interest, which is why the 36,000 petition threshold is so important.”

But then in the next breath he adds, “I understand and applaud Mike Whitby’s concern that money should not be wasted on a referendum which could be put to better uses in the local community.”

So that’s clear then. Yeah, clear as muck. He backs Whitby’s opposition to a referendum at the same time as supporting the idea of one.

Come on Andrew, you’ll get a sore arse sitting on that fence!

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