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The mothers of two Midlands soldiers killed by roadside bombs in Iraq are demanding the right to visit memorials to their sons in Basra and Al Amarah.

Phillip Hewitt John Jones

Carol Jones and Sue Smith got involved in running the Military Families Support Group website ( after their sons (Sgt John Jones of Castle Bromwich and Pte Phillip Hewitt from Tamworth) were killed by roadside bombs.

Since asking on their message board this morning whether other Forces families would be interested in a trip to the Gulf, they’ve been inundated with requests.

The Ministry of Defence says it’s too dangerous for them to go, but Carol insists that their battle won’t stop there.

“If it’s too dangerous, why do they allow journalists in? Politicians go there all the time. We won’t stop until we see where our boys died.”

Sue Smith added: "If they are waiting for Iraq to be safe, they'll be waiting a long time. It will never be safe.

"But I want to see that memorial to my son because it was built by his friends, the people who knew him best. That means more to me than going to the Cenotaph every year.

"If they're never going to let us out there to see it, I don't know why they don't bring it home and put it in the National Memorial at Alrewas."

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