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The British National Party has denied allegations that it's been forging signatures on nomination papers for the local elections - but we've spoken to one woman whose name appears on one of their candidate's official forms who insists she never signed it.

Birmingham's Liberal Democrats are claiming that seven sets of nomination papers for the far-right party are suspicious, with concerns focussing on inner city wards with high ethnic minority populations.

Many of the nominations appear to be supported by members of ethnic minority communities, including Muslims, who are often demonised by the BNP.

The Lib Dems believe that in some cases, signatures were obtained by deception and in other cases are blatant forgeries.

We've spoken to one Jamaican woman in the Handsworth and East Lozells ward whose name appears on the local BNP candidate's nomination form.

She told The Stirrer: “I wouldn't sign a racist party's paper. How they could have got it, I don't know.

“The signature on the paper looks like mine, but it's not really my signature. It must be a forgery.”

Another oddity is that the party's candidate in Ladywood has put a different address on his nomination form to the one he declares on the electoral register - an inconsistency which, in the unlikely event that he's successful, could open the way to a legal challenge.

Simon Darby, the BNP's regional organiser in the West Midlands insists that the party has done nothing wrong, claiming that many people who nominate their candidates later deny it when questioned by journalists because they fear there's a stigma attached to it.

He added, “It's quite pathetic that the Liberal democrats should stoop to this level. Are they suggesting that we couldn't get these signatures in a city where we got thousands of votes last time.”

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