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The Stirrer can reveal that the most explosive part of this week's Birmingham Council meeting won't even make the official minutes - it was the angry exchange between Sir Albert Bore and Tory councillor Len Clark who stormed out of the chamber after calling the Labour leader a “bloody hypocrite”.

The pair of them go back a long way - to the time when Clark was a Labour councillor before switching sides.

There was no love lost on Tuesday when the Tory turncoat launched into an attack on his former colleague and called him a “bloody hypocrite” for backing a mayoral referendum.

When Bore asked the Mayor to intervene, Clark walked out rather than face ejection.

“He's got his eye on the back door, because he can't win power in an election. He's not satisfied that anybody could elect a council leader who isn't Sir Albert.” Clark told us.

Bore hit back pointing out that when Labour were in power he actually staged the previous mayoral referendum in 2001, and although his party were split, says he had always backed the idea.

On the previous occasion, just over 46% of the voters went for the current leader and cabinet model, with the 53% pro-mayor vote being split between the 44% who wanted a mayor and cabinet system, and the 9% who advocated a mayor with a council manager.

“I've espoused the mayoral model for years and did so ahead of that referendum” Bore told us.

Suffice to say, the Pravda-like record of council meetings will contain none of the above.

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