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There's embarrassment for David Cameron as he prepares for his first conference as Tory leader. He's been accused of stealing designs for his new, much-vaunted website from a Birmingham designer, without giving him credit.

Cameron has been keen to identify himself with younger voters - witness his eco-friendly credentials and now a switched-on 21st century internet presence.

Trouble is that many of the icons onthe so-called Webcameron ( bear an uncanny resemblance to those on another site ( designed by young Brummie internet whippersnapper James Martin.

Now here's the rub; Martin doesn't mind people “stealing” his icons; in fact, he wants them to do it.

But instead of a royalty cheque, he does at least expect a credit for his work, yet there isn't one anywhere on Cameron's site.

Come on Dave, it's bad enough that you don't have any original policies, but surely an original website isn't out of the question.

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