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Veteran radio presenter Tony Butler could be on his bike for the final time after suggesting that if the captured Shropshire marine Faye Turney has her head chopped off in Iran, it would “serve her right.”

The Sunday Mercury reported yesterday that the West Midlands original shock jock was being investigated by BBC bosses but now "faces areal battle to hang on to his WM job"

Butler made his comments last Wednesday on the Paul Franks show in a live trailer for his evening sports programme.

The Stirrer understands that he was forced to make a scripted apology the following night, after outraged listeners complained.

It's not the first time Butler has been in trouble. In the mid-80's, during his time at BRMB, he was involved in an altercation with disabled presenter Brian Savin who was upset that the sports bulletin had over-run into his programme (although contrary to reports, Savin was not in a wheelchair at the time).

In the early 1990s, having joined WM, he got the station banned from Molineux for several months after making racist remarks about one of the clubs black players Shane Westley.

At 71, Butler has been a great survivor and a wonderful entertainer but after this latest misadventure he'll no doubt have the legendary prayer mat out - only this time for himself.

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